Organizations We Use

Due to my sons disabilities I have been dealing with a lot of interesting well meaning professionals who are trying to do the best for my son.

Some of the organizations and activities (In South Australia) my little man has participated in include:

RDA - Riding for the Disabled

An organization that provides therapeutic horse riding for disabled children and adults alike. Providing sessions of half an hour a week to qualifying students. Not only the disabled can access this service it is also available for people who could benefit i.e. rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

Disability SA

Formerly IDSC - Intellectual Disabilities Services Council, Disability SA provide an in home service of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.  They also run a small play group that my son attends on Thursdays.

Disability SA - Play group

Finished now but did provide one hour a week of play therapy with a half a dozen other children. Supervised by a qualified Speech therapist, Occupational therapist and Physiotherapist. Usually including messy play, free play (including physical activities) and singing time.

FMC - Flinders Medical Centre

Our local hospital.  We have little option but to use this hospital as children with epilepsy can not be taken care of adequately in the private hospitals.  The hospital will also provide the same services that IDSC do but in general you are not allowed to double up on services.  My son also gets his orthotics from their podiatry department.  We have also in the past used their hydrotherapy, physiotherapy services and were extremely grateful for this assistants.

CYH's - Child and Youth Health

CYH's provide parent groups, health checks and are quite useful in detecting problem area's for children and should pick up any delays.  But this is not always the case it is best to get a second opinion if you have any concerns that you feel are not being addressed here.  CYH also have a great parent help line and web site.

EDP - Early Development Program

I mention EDP a lot don't I? Well there is a reason. I was very actively involved in this organization.  I was a parent representative, newsletter creator, web master and fundraiser. I can't recommend EDP highly enough. I am totally in awe of the program. It is by far the best service my son receives and is so professional and effective. (2 hours a week of one on one therapy in which all area's of development are addressed).  It was a great place for my daughter too as siblings are readily accepted and included in the program. The caring staff and the incredible unheard of one on one education provided for such a long period of time each week has been invaluable.   I needed it for my sanity too.  It meant I didn't have to be there all the time. I had trust in the staff and will often take of shopping or just sit quietly and have a cuppa with the other mums in a different room from the children.

Novita: Formerly known as CCA: Crippled Children's Association

For children with ongoing physical difficulties that will need ongoing treatments and equipment.  I.e. Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychiatry, wheelchairs & equipment borrowing etc. To travel to the Novita site.


Supplied initially by the Flinders Medical Centre and then by the Novita. It provided a great opportunity for fun and frolic. Singing, swimming, actions to music. My little man used to be really good at getting himself around the pool with just floatation and he loves the water. You can hear his squeals of delight a block away. Unfortunately due to time constraints we have not been able to continue it. Maybe next year. Later he would go with his school to swimming at the Minda pool.


Physiotherapy is now provided by Novita. Initially we used the hospitals services (Flinders Medical Centre) and then IDSC's until starting with Novita a few years ago. I have found this beneficial to his day to day life. The unfortunate thing about physiotherapy and his other therapies is that he makes some progress then will have a series of seizures that will send his development back to basics again. Very frustrating. At the moment we are concentrating on high kneel walking to strengthen his hips and to practice being stable. He also has a walker and still enjoys using it at age 17.

Occupational Therapy

Getting you to use your extremities to your fullest potential. Like using a knife and fork, or clapping. Also covers equipment to aid in ergonomics. I.e. To ensure my little man sits at the table correctly we have a chair insert.  We see an OT only when a need arises.

Speech Therapy

My little man has used an augmentative communication device, which is a sensational gadget that enables him to make conversation and ask for things with the press of a picture. The board talks for him so that makes it easier for us to understand what he is after also. He may still develop his verbal skills in the future, but for now it is making him happy to be able to join in a conversation even if it is only to ask for ice-cream. Check out the communication page for more information on his devices etc.

Epilepsy Centre - Epilepsy Association of SA & NT

Well this has been of great benefit to me.  A parent group was formed a few years ago for parent's of children with epilepsy and although I have other issues that I also need to deal with regarding my son and not just epilepsy I feel quite at home there.  As epilepsy has so many variations, no-one person has the same story to tell as the next.  Click here to check out their web site.

Kinder Gym

For kids of all abilities to reach there full potential in physical activity. Including singing and actions, equipment suitable for preschool kids including trampolines and climbing equipment. We did this for a while when he was one in the hope that it would give him what he needed to start walking. In the end it became boring for all of us because he couldn't use most of the equipment anyway.

My sons schedule at age 3 included:

Monday: Kindy has finally started he does the one morning a week. Next term it will extend to the full day. A great learning experience I expect he will provide an interesting challenge for staff. Outdoor play, painting, play doe and all that other usual stuff. I hope to get him into a better mode to stay a while and listen especially at story time, which seems to be happening gradually.

Tuesday:  Occasional care for 3 hours in the morning this is were he is developing a lot of his social skills and it's a great opportunity for him to have more outdoor play then I am able to give him at home.  He also has his IDSC - Intellectual Disabilities Services Council home visits on Tuesday usually they are for an hour and occur approximately every fortnight

Wednesday:  EDP-Early Development Program for 2 hours per week - want to know more see the section above or please visit the site via here .

Thursday: Day Care for the morning. Good opportunity for him to practice his social skills and get in some play therapy. We also get a small window of opportunity to get some things done around the house.

Friday: We have a day off for my son.  This is the day I go to the epilepsy association parent group.  This runs for two hours. In between all of this we include Speech, OT and Physio. Usually one or two of these activities occur each week. The weekend:  Is for whatever we like but usually we are so exhausted from our Monday to Friday all we want to do is relax.