COMMUNICATION: How my little man communicates

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The Macaw

Is an augmentative communication device that like the Alphatalker responds verbally when you click on a pictured symbol. The Macaw is smaller than the Alphatalker so the images are also smaller, although there is the same amount of symbol positions available. Programming the device is quite simple and the basic functions of the unit are also easy to manipulate with a little practice. Although I am fond of the Alphatalker, the Macaw is quite a bit more compact than the Alphatalker and substancially lighter. The one thing the Alphatalker has as an advantage on the Macaw is that there are no potentially sharp or dangerous parts to contend with as the Alphatalker is smooth and although heavier I believe possibly safer. To put my views into perspective: although the Macaw is lighter if I had to choose between the Macaw and Alphatalker falling on my foot, I'd definately choose the Alphatalker.

On the up side the battery life in the Macaw is far superior to the Alphatalker. It can be weeks before recharging is necessary.

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