My Angel

angels self portraitWell my little girl is not so little any more and she will grow up very fast as children seem to do with siblings that are a little different and need more care.
She is quite a bright spark and well on her way to doing well at school.  She also has a wonderful personality and draws friends very easily (I am quite envious of this skill).

Quite a shame I think that at a very young age she had taken on a caring role for her brother.  Don't get me wrong I think it is wonderful that she wants to do this. That she seems to even enjoy the responsibility sometimes, and no I don't let it interfere with her social life but it is a burden never the less and one that I would have preferred to have spared her from.

I wonder sometimes should I have stopped at one child would I have more time for her now. Mmmmm maybe/maybe not, but what about the other issues? The things that you find hard to teach in a one child household like sharing, people skills, no I am sure I have made the right decision but how will she cope when she is teased at school because her brother looks different and acts differently from her friends.  Well time will tell.  I am sure allot of you have the same issues going through your heads.  I don't think there is an easy answer.  We can only do the best we can after all we are only human.

To the extreme I feel that maybe there will be some advantages to her situation. Maybe she will be more tolerant of the differences in people, stronger in herself and maybe be that little more caring then most.  I see a strength in her now.  I really do have high hopes for her. I think if anyone can deal with what she will have to, over the next few years my Angel can.